Environmental Masters Program at UCLA to Open for Summer 2018

UCLA is opening a new master’s program to prepare students for careers in environmental science, conservation and conservation economics.

The program, which will open in September, is called the Environmental Masters program, and it will be led by the Environmental Research Center at UCLA, a leading research institute that focuses on the impacts of environmental change on human health and well-being.

In addition to the research focus, the program is intended to provide a foundation for environmental stewardship and stewardship education.

The Environmental Masters is one of many master’s programs offered at UCLA that will be open in 2019.

In January, the school announced it had opened two master’s in environmental economics and one in environmental management.

The school also launched a master’s degree program in environmental and natural resource science and policy in March, as well as a master in environmental sustainability.

The Environmental Masters in Environmental Management program will open later this year.

The Master of Environmental Studies program will be the last master’s master’s course in environmental studies offered at the school.