Why are there so many eco-dysmorphic plant species in India?

An eco-environmentalist blog in India has called for a complete ban on all the eco-degradation-causing activities of the world’s richest countries.

The blog post argues that this is not an issue of nature and that all of us are living in a globalised economy, which is dominated by corporations.

“The world is being dominated by the globalised economic system,” it said in a post that has attracted more than 4.6 million views in the past week.

“All our species are being wiped out and destroyed. 

There are some species in our midst that have no place in the modern world.

We are being exploited for our labour and our resources,” the post said.

The blog, called ‘Greening the World’ in English and translated into other languages by Greening, also said that India should consider banning the use of the name Kashmiri Forest’, which has been the subject of a debate since last year.

In June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a ban on the forest in order to protect the environment.

Kashmura, which lies at the eastern end of India, is home to around 50 species of plants, animals and fungi.

Many of the species found in the forest are listed as endangered in the Indian and international lists of threatened species.