U.S. environmental agency warns of drought, floods if oil spills

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy has warned the Trump administration is not taking climate change seriously and is in danger of losing millions of jobs because of climate change, according to a report from the conservative Heritage Foundation.

In a July 28, 2017, email to EPA senior staff, McCarthy said the administration is “playing down the extent of the impacts of climate impacts on the economy” and has “no plan to act to reduce carbon emissions.”

McCarthy wrote, “Our country is facing the worst drought since record keeping began, flooding and extreme weather events are common, and extreme climate events are expected to increase significantly.”

The EPA has been taking climate impacts seriously, McCarthy told staff in a July 27, 2017 email, but “there are no plans for action” to curb climate change.

The EPA is the federal agency charged with managing the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions, which are the primary cause of climate changes.

McCarthy is the former head of the EPA’s Office of Science, who took over as EPA administrator in March.

In the email, McCarthy warned that if the Trump Administration is unable to act, the EPA will lose $1.6 trillion in annual revenues and “most of our world-class research laboratories and research centers, as well as many of our research jobs.”

The White House declined to comment on the report.

The Heritage Foundation, which has been aggressively pushing climate change for more than a decade, said McCarthy’s warnings about the Trump EPA are based on a study of the potential for a catastrophic oil spill at the Marcellus Shale formation in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The study, which was published in January 2017 in the journal Nature, predicted that the spill could kill more than 1,500 people and injure more than 2,000 others.

The report also said the spill would cause an economic loss of $1 trillion and damage the environment of about $500 billion.

The Trump administration has been working on a new EPA plan to address climate change and climate damage, but that plan has not been released, according the Heritage Foundation’s report.

“This new report by McCarthy and her colleagues is yet another indication of the direness of the problem, and yet another reminder of the need to act on climate change,” the report reads.