What’s happening with our environment?

A new social ecology concept called ecological diversity has been developed in collaboration with environmental groups to create a more integrated and inclusive approach to ecological diversity.

The concept uses social media to help identify and understand issues in the context of community ecology and ecological diversity in order to foster an open dialogue among stakeholders and the wider community.

“What we see with this is an attempt to develop an ecologically integrated model for ecological diversity,” said Rachael T. Burchard, executive director of the Society for Ecological Diversity.

Burchard said this approach is similar to how we work in the United States, where we work with environmental organizations to develop environmental and sustainability policies that address environmental issues in their communities.

“It’s really about understanding what is happening in your community, what you’re trying to change and how to change it,” she said.

In this example, Burchards group created an interactive map where people could explore the ecological diversity within their community.

This map was then used to create an environmental and social justice action plan, which then went to local elected officials to get approved.

Burtard said the concept has the potential to help address a wide range of issues in communities, including economic inequality, climate change and climate justice.

“The thing that’s really exciting about this is that we’ve had the ability to actually understand the diversity within communities and how they interact with the rest of society,” she added.

The goal is to make this concept and others like it more useful for all communities to work together on environmental issues, Burtard explained.

For example, communities that are facing issues like poverty and homelessness may need to develop a social ecology approach, Bussard said.

“I think that’s why we’ve seen so much engagement from other social justice organizations and community organizers.

They’re really trying to create this broader vision of what is ecological diversity.”

In addition to Burcharts group, Bunchard said there are a number of other groups in the US working to develop ecological diversity programs that are aimed at addressing issues such as the environment and climate change.

This is one of those groups, the National Association of Community Environmental Advocates, or NACEA.

The organization is based in Austin, Texas, and is a network of environmental groups.

“We have some really important issues in our country, including climate change,” said Lorie Rieger, a co-founder of NACEAs group.

Rieger said this group is focused on addressing issues in both the United and the state of Texas, with a focus on environmental justice and climate protection.

“There are some really pressing issues in this country and we need to take action, whether it’s to get our emissions down or to protect our environment,” she explained.

Riroy, who is also a cofounder of the group, said NACEAS is focused in on addressing environmental issues because it has to be the first step towards addressing climate change, which is what the group wants to focus on.

“As the first and only environmental group in the country to be dedicated to this issue, it’s important that we continue to be focused on the issue and be prepared to be more effective,” Riroy said.

For now, Riroy says she is focusing on the issues that are affecting her community, but she said this is just the beginning of a larger conversation.

“This is just one step in a larger discussion, so we need more, and we are all connected, and if we continue together, we will be able to have an impact on the world,” Rioy said.