How does this eco-terrorist hate-war effect the US?

It was a good one-hour show, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the major problem with the show: the presenter.

He is a self-proclaimed Marxist who, for years, has been promoting a political agenda by presenting himself as a socialist and claiming that the left is a “paranoid cult”.

His show is called The Big Green Book and it is, according to the show’s website, an “educational resource”.

In reality, it is a compilation of his own anti-capitalist propaganda.

He has been dubbed a “political activist” by the rightwing media and a “Marxist propagandist” by his own leftist friends.

He does not even bother to present any evidence that his views are anything but extreme.

In fact, he is a hypocrite who has long claimed to be a “moderate”.

The most telling aspect of the show, however, is the presenter’s inability to recognise that the only thing he is promoting is the opposite of the true nature of environmentalism. 

I watched The Big Red Book for hours on end and felt a sense of relief as I discovered what the show is really about.

I’m not talking about climate change, which I thoroughly debunked in my book, The Carbon Tax Solution: Why It Is the World’s Most Successful and Efficient Carbon Tax.

I am talking about the economic consequences of the massive environmental destruction and ecological disaster caused by our economic system, the ecological collapse that it is creating, and the climate crisis that is being caused by it.

And in doing so, I came across some very insightful and very honest views on the state of the world and how we can fix it.

I don’t have time to cover all the issues, but you can check out the show on YouTube here.

It’s very educational.

But I would like to highlight some key points that I found particularly important and which have nothing to do with climate change. 


The Big Green book is not a scientific book, but a propaganda one. 


“Environmentalism” is a false concept, which is why the title of the book is so misleading. 


 The book is based on an old ideology, but its purpose is to indoctrinate people with it. 4. 

You will see in the show that it uses a very old term, “ecological theory”, which was coined by Karl Marx in 1848. 


We are witnessing the collapse of the social order, the end of the era of the industrial revolution, the rise of a new form of “economy” where “all forms of production” are now privatised. 


Capitalism and its social policies are in a desperate situation. 


In The Big Capitalist, we see the emergence of a Marxist “political ideology”, which is to say a cult. 


It’s a false ideology. 


There is no such thing as an environmental “war” as is often claimed. 


Despite the media and political elites claiming so, the world has never experienced a war over environmental issues, nor will there ever again. 


Environmentalism is not the problem, it’s the solution. 


A “war over environmentalism” does not mean a war against the “environment”, as the media claim. 


Every time you read a newspaper article on climate change or environmental policy, it should be taken as a declaration of war by the state against the citizens. 


All the “green” environmental groups that you have seen in the news are simply fronts for an international environmental conspiracy. 


What you are witnessing is the collapse and dissolution of the capitalist system. 


As a result of environmental destruction, we will never be able to restore the planet to a level that is livable for all its inhabitants. 


To be clear, I do not want to claim that all of the environmental issues we are seeing today are the result of a failed economic system.

It is true that our economy has been very good at the moment.

But the fact is that the financial system has collapsed, the real estate market is imploding, the social security system is collapsing, and so on. 18. 

Economic collapse means that our society is heading into an existential crisis. 


However, the fact that we are facing a crisis of capitalism is evidence that the system is already on the brink of collapse. 


If we do not fix the ecological crisis, our entire social order will collapse.


This is not just a “left” problem, as some leftist commentators like to say. 


Because environmentalism is an ideology, it can be used by anyone who wants to spread their views. 

23. Even if

Why You Should Always Avoid the New Year’s Resolutions

With the holidays fast approaching, I have a new year’s resolution for myself: Don’t buy any new year of resolutions.

I have never bought one before, and my advice is that the new year should be a time to explore. 

“You don’t have to spend the new one on something,” I recently told my wife. 

This year I was a little disappointed. 

Instead of spending the new holiday year with family and friends, I went on an adventure.

I had a few days in my new home state of Washington, which I am very proud of, but the big goal of this trip was to go camping with friends in the state of Oregon. 

I also have a plan to go on a camping trip to New Mexico next year, so it’s not just a one-time thing. 

But this time, I was really motivated to find out what new year resolutions would look like. 

As I was thinking about what to do for the new years resolutions, I realized that it wasn’t a bad idea to explore new ecological systems. 

In this post, I will explain why you should never buy any resolutions that say “I am going to explore all of the new things we know about the earth” and instead spend the next year exploring new ecosystems and ecosystems with your family, friends, and coworkers. 

What are the new ecological developments and innovations that are being researched in the last few years? 

The new ecological discoveries and innovations are really quite fascinating, and they really help us to understand the ecology of our planet. 

For example, the first time I thought of these things, I thought “I should start my own small company and make money out of them!”

I also thought of the first company I started and how profitable it was. 

These discoveries and developments are a real eye opener and it makes it easier to understand what is going on in the earth. 

There are many things we do not know yet. 

We can’t understand all the effects of climate change yet.

We can’t answer the question of how the oceans are changing, and the answer is still unknown. 

So the best thing to do is to focus on the most important things. 

First, the most pressing questions.

What is the role of humans in the ecological system?

How are we affecting it? 

What kind of ecosystems are we seeing and what is happening to them? 

Is the world becoming more or less arid? 

Can we see the changes happening in the ocean, the atmosphere, and our bodies? 

These are the most fundamental questions, and we need to know the answers before we can be more effective in doing something about it. 

The second most pressing question is what is the purpose of life?

Is it to survive?

How can we create a better world? 

This question really is really important because it is the one that is really driving the ecological revolution. 

With the discovery of life on Earth, scientists have learned that all life on the planet is interconnected. 

If we have the right tools, we can control what happens on Earth and we can make it better. 

How does this work? 

We need to learn how to control the flow of water and how to create artificial habitats in order to increase the oxygen and nutrient supply in the atmosphere. 

It’s also important to understand that this kind of work is actually done on a global scale. 

Most of the world is already experiencing an increased carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide production and pollution, and it is very important that we understand these processes. 

Also, it is not enough to understand how the earth works.

We need to understand all of our interactions, which are being affected by climate change and pollution. 

Finally, the second most urgent question is how do we protect the planet from these changes? 

With increasing carbon dioxide levels, our oceans are drying up and the ocean acidification is increasing, so the oceans have changed in the past and we are facing new problems. 

Now, we need an even more urgent response, which is the protection of the oceans. 

To protect the oceans from acidification, we have to make the oceans more acidic. 

That is, we should make the water more alkaline to make it more water-active. 

When water becomes acidic, the carbon dioxide molecules become unstable and the carbon-containing compounds in the water become less water-reactive.

That makes the water less water soluble. 

Therefore, the more alkali the water, the less the carbon compounds become stable and therefore less water can be stored in the oceans, which could then be used for fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and other things. 

 The most important thing to understand is that in order for the oceans to stay acidic, we must change the way we think about them. 

A lot of people think that the oceans only get acidic during a natural disaster, such as a storm, or when there is a